6 - 9 July 2023
Constanta, Romania

The Green Challenge

Neversea & CEZ remain active participants for a greener future and maintain their responsibility to the environment. Join us, get involved and let’s help Neversea 2021 go greener!

If you registered and joined the competition, check your email and see if you made it to the next phase, where you can win Festival tickets and invitations to an exclusive sailing boat party, offered by CEZ.

Even if you were or weren’t part of The Green Challenge, you can still get involved and turn the world into a better and greener place:

Save energy into your home:

  • Always unplug the devices you aren’t using, or use an extension cord with multiple sockets and an ON/OFF switch.
  • Don’t waste water, don’t let it run if you don’t need it and install a device that can adjust your water pressure & volume.
  • Don’t leave the lights on and install LED light bulbs.
  • Use appliances that are energy efficient: those in a superior energy class use less electricity which, in the long term, bring you significant advantages.
  • Wash your clothes with cold water.

Recycle, recycle, recycle!
  • Everything from your home can be recycled or donated. Either it’s a device, an appliance or even furniture, all objects can be part of a sustainable circuit. Try not to throw anything and find your things a new home.
  • Separate the waste collection: plastic, paper, metal, glass, household waste.
  • Try using less and less plastic. For starters, why not try to spend a full day without using plastic?

Use sustainable methods:
  • Leave your car at home and use, as much as possible, your bike or skate.
  • Try local tourism and avoid, as much as you can, traveling by plane or going on a cruise.
  • Choose energy products from 100% renewable sources, such as CEZ Verde.