8 - 11 July 2021 | Constanta, Romania




Constanta airport http://www.m.mk-airport.ro


Bucharest airport http://www.bucharestairports.ro(243 km about 2h30min by car)



We recommend you to take the train to the railway station to Constanta which offers connections from the rest of Romania. Find the schedule here: http://www.cfrcalatori.ro/ro/servicii/serviciistatii/98-servicii/servicii-in-statii/150-constanta

Online ticket sales here: https://bilete.cfrcalatori.ro/vanzare/loginuser.aspx


Key cities connecting to Constanta:

Bucharest, Romania

Distance from Bucharest: 243 km (about 2h30min by car)

Bucharest - Constanta Train http://www.cfrcalatori.ro/ro/servicii/serviciistatii/98-servicii/servicii-in-statii/150-constanta

Bucharest - Constanta Bus http://www.autogari.ro

Sofia, Bulgaria

Distance from Sofia: 585 km (about 7h by car)

Information on Sofia - Constanta Train https://rail.cc/en/train/sofia-to-constanta#r1

Information on Sofia - Constanta Bus https://www.rome2rio.com/fr/s/Sofia/Constan?a-Roumanie

Odessa, Ucraine

Distance from Odessa: 597 km (about 8h by car)

Information on Odessa - Constanta Train https://rail.cc/en/train/odessa-to-constanta#r1

Information on Odessa - Constanta Bus https://www.rome2rio.com/fr/s/Odessa/Constan?a-Roumanie

Chisinau, Moldova

Distance from Chisinau: 462 km (about 6h by car)

Information on Chisinau - Constanta Train https://rail.cc/en/train/chisinau-to-constanta

Information on Chisinau - Constanta Bus https://www.rome2rio.com/fr/s/Chi?in?u/Constan?a

Car rental services are available in all major regional airports, see map for routes and distance to/from Constanta.


Orientation price to rent a car Opel Astra Break 42 Eur VAT included (full insurance, drivers age up to 21 years old )


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