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Opening hours

Neversea is a 3 days and 3 nights-long festival and takes place from 7th to 9th of July. The closing hours when you have to leave the festival area are from 8am to 12am.

Event Location

The festival takes place at Neversea Beach, Constanta city in Romania.

The best choice for your accommodation is in and around Constanta. We're offering a festival shuttle which will take you straight to and from the dance floor.

More details soon.

Lost & Found

Lost & found is handled by each “Information points” of the festival. Please get in contact directly.

Minimum age

Access for minors between 14-18 years will be made only by a valid ticket (without discount) and identity card. It is necessary for an adult to assume responsibility for a minor and has the obligation to complete and sign Annex 1 - "Declaration of Commitment" without which the minor will not be allowed to enter the Festival Areas. The responsible person will provide contact details within declaration to be contacted in case of emergency.

Access of minors under 14 years will be only allowed by a valid ticket (without discount) and only in the company of a parent. A single parent may accompany a minor under the age of 14 years.

Upon request from responsible for security and monitoring, as well as festival organizers and representatives, the companion has the obligation to submit documents (student card, passport or other document containing minor picture) which attests to the minor's age.

Festival access in some areas of under-18s is strictly forbidden (for example VIP area).

Can I take drinks with me on the festival venue?

No, neither beverages nor food can be taken on the festival ground. Furthermore, there is a large selection of food and drinks available to festival-friendly prices.

Once I arrived, where will I get my wristband?

The festival ticket grants you access to the festival. Once you arrive, you will be able to exchange your ticket for a wristband at our Festival Check-In.

Can I take the bracelet down from my hand after every festival day?

No, you can not take down/remove the bracelet without being broken, and a broken bracelet is no longer valid (you will not be able to enter the festival anymore). The bracelet is made of a fabric that allows it to be worn at the pool or carried without its integrity being affected.

Can I get in and out of the festival area?

Yes, in exchange for your subscription or ticket, you will receive an access bracelet that will allow you to access and leave the festival areas as you please.

Can I come with my pet?

As much as we love animals, their access will not be allowed in the festival areas for their own safety.

What are the benefits of a VIP ticket?

VIP ticket - guarantees the access for the authorized participant throughout the event. VIP passes holders have access in a designated area with bars, premium beverage options and minimum waiting time. Access to the Festival for VIP passes holders is made through a special entrance.

Which are te forbidden items?

You can find the full list in the rules.

What is the size of the baggage I can bring with me?

We don't allow any baggage that exceeds 21cm x 29cm x 12cm.